Thursday, 6 March 2014

Request for Photographs of Views and Other Objection Ideas


Since the main thrust of the CHEAG objection to Tendring Council's proposals concerns 'valued landscape views' (see below), I think it would help for any future stage of the campaign to gather as many photographs of these views, from as many people as possible.

I think even just one photograph per person would make a real difference to the campaign.

Any other ideas about future objections to the Colchester Fringe proposals are also welcome, please send to me by email or add comments to this blog post.

We will have to wait to see when is the next opportunity to object to the proposals, but photos I could gather on this blog or on another photo site in anticipation.

Please email any photographs to me, there is an email button available from the 'View my complete profile' link under 'About Me' on this interent page.

Template Email for Photos

Please include the following information, editing the areas in square brackets to add/remove information as you see fit.

To: Colchester East Action Group,

Attached are photographs of views across the proposed 'Colchester Fringe' development area defined in Tendring District Council's proposals. These photographs are of landscape views I value as a resident of [your home area].

Photographs were taken from the following locations:

[Photograph filename a] - from [location photo taken from, with lat-long if possible (see 'Notes' below), and direction photographer was facing]

[Photograph filename b] - ... etc.

I hereby give you permission to publish these photographs on the internet, and to send them to Tendring or Colchester Councils.You can also store the personal details I have provided to you on your computer(s), provided you take reasonable steps to keep them secure, and you can send them to Tendring or Colchester Councils with my photographs.

[Your Name] [I am happy for my (name)/(first name only) to appear on the internet]

[Your address] [(Please include my street name only if the photos are included on the internet)/(Please include 'address supplied' only if the photos are included on the internet)/(Please do not publish any address information on the internet)]
[Your telephone number]

[I am happy for you to supply my name/address/telephone number/email address to Tendring or Colchester Council if you send them these photos.]

[Your Name]


To obtain decimal latitude and longitude for where a photograph was taken:

1) Go to Bing Maps for the area concerned, for example here: Greenstead and Longridge Park
2) Right-click the location the photo was taken from. The latitude and longitude co-ordinates are shown.

Colchester East Action Group

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Post-17th February 2014 Consultation Deadline Summary

The public consultation by Tendring Council ended on 17th February 2014.

Thanks to everyone who emailed me, and well-done to everyone who contacted Tendring Council. Especially well-done to Joe with his petition of getting on for 120 signatures!

See here for a Daily Gazette article about Joe's petition:
More than 100 sign petition against Tendring housing plans

The print version of that article invites letters to the paper, so please write or suggest more articles.

(I realise that several people suggested a petition in comments and emails to me. As time went on, it seemed like it might be a good idea, provided Tendring Council were obliged to accept it. I didn't have time to check that.)

Please check back here soon for a full post-17th February summary.

There are plans for a Facebook page and Twitter account - these would be used to give updates and as part of any future campaigning, alongside this blog page.

Colchester East Action Group

Colchester Council’s February 2014 Response to Tendring Council's Consultation

Last Update: 4 March 2014

Colchester Council’s February 2014 Consultation Response to Tendring District’s Local Plan, Pre-Submission (Focussed Changes) Document

Colchester Council have considered the Tendring Council proposals, links to relevant documents below.

(If these documents do not display well in your browser, try downloading them and viewing them outside the browser.)

Colchester Council - 3rd February 2014 - Author Karen Syrett - Tendring District Council Draft Local Plan

Colchester Council - 4th February 2014 - Tendring District Local Plan Pre-Submission Document (Focussed Changes) - Decision