Thursday, 25 June 2015

My Comments on Responses to January 2015 Colchester Consultation

I've had a look online through the responses to the January 2015 Colchester consultation and I found these of particular interest:

Essex Wildlife Trust, see here. (Archived by WebCite® on 19 July 2015.)

Colchester Natural History Society, see here. (Archived by WebCite® on 19 July 2015.)

Responses from other groups, see here. (Archived by WebCite® on 19 July 2015.)

Natural England (under 'Public Bodies'), see here. (Archived by WebCite® on 19 July 2015.)

Tony and Lisa Barker, see here. (Archived by WebCite® on 19 July 2015.)

Sir Bob Russell, see here, here and here. (Archived here, here, and here by WebCite® on 19 July 2015.)

Cllrs Cook, Hogg and Chuah, see here. (Archived by WebCite® on 19 July 2015.)

Also, I saw eleven responses that used the template letter from this blog.

Regarding the historical environment of Colchester in general:
English Heritage (under 'Public Bodies'), see here. (Archived by WebCite® on 19 July 2015.)

I think it's a shame that the politicians (Sir Bob Russell and the councillors above) didn't publicise the consultation more to residents of East Colchester. East Colchester had the fewest responses from residents out of all the areas, according to my check of the responses online.

Colchester East Action Group (CHEAG)

Colchester Council Update on January 2015 Consulation

I received the following email from Colchester Council, regarding the January 2015 public consultation. (Please email me if you want the contact details which I have removed from the email before posting on this blog.)

Subject: Local Plan - Issues & Options
From: Charlotte Allen
Date: Mon 15/06/2015 15:22

Dear Consultee,

Thank you for your response to Colchester Borough Council’s consultation on the Local Plan Issues and Options document. All responses can now be viewed on-line (with all personal details redacted). Additionally, a summary table of responses and a report on the consultation are also available.

The Council is now developing a draft plan based on consultation responses, up-to-date evidence and planning policy requirements. Consultation on a Preferred Options version of the plan is programmed for early 2016, and you will be kept informed of details of this consultation and all other further opportunities to be involved with the plan-making process.

Please feel free to contact the Planning Policy team if you have any questions. [Contact details removed].

Planning Policy Team
Charlotte Allen
Support Assistant - Commercial Services
Colchester Borough Council
[Contact details removed]