Monday, 30 June 2014

Colchester Council Local Plan Committee Meeting, 30 June 2014

I attended this meeting. The main issues that I feel are relevant to this campaign are:

1) Stanway Neighbourhood Plan

Stanway Parish Council is developing a Neighbourhood Plan and has agreed an area of Colchester to be covered by the plan.

Their plan is not directly relevant, but of interest, because Neighbourhood Plans are helpful for the area concerned within the planning process.

I am not sure, though, if a Neighbourhood Plan could be developed now for the proposed 'Colchester Fringe' area, because there is no neighbourhood there at the moment! That point might be checked, though.

I have added a new item to the CHEAG Project List regarding a possible Neighbourhood Plan, see the previous blog post.

2) Colchester Local Plan Focussed Review

The recent Colchester Local Plan Focussed Review, with the Planning Inspector's modifications, is to be recommended to be adopted by Colchester Council.

3) New Colchester Local Plan

There is to be a new full review of the Colchester Local Plan, with work on this already started.

This will include a 'call for sites', probably in July 2014. Proposed sites will then be subject to the normal council review process before being accepted for development.

It is proposed that the new plan will be adopted in 2016/2017.

4) Community Infrasturecture Levy

It appears that the 'Community Infrastructure Levy', paid by developers when developing new homes, will be of more benefit to areas with a local neighbourhood plan:

"The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has previously announced that town and parish councils that draw up neighbourhood plans will receive 25 per cent of the planning levy charged on new developments in their area. Neighbourhoods without a neighbourhood plan but where CIL is being charged will receive a 15 per cent share of the revenue from development in their area, but this will be capped at £100 per council tax dwelling."
(From Agenda Item 12 from the meeting: 'Community Infrastructure Levy', section 4.22.)

Colchester East Action Group (CHEAG)

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

CHEAG Project List - Help if You Can!

Last Update - 1st July 2014 - Added possible neighbourhood plan to list.

If anyone is interested in getting involved to assist with the objections to the 'Colchester Fringe' proposals, below is a list of things which might be looked at.

If you fancy taking any of these on, or of you have any other ideas of things to do, please email me - there is an email button available from the 'View my complete profile' link under 'About Me' on this internet page. I will then co-ordinate so that there is no duplication of effort.

Here is the list:

a) Essex Wilidlife Trust
Contact Essex Wildlife Trust - I have a name and number - to discuss addding an objection to the 'Colchester Fringe' proposals to their objections to other aspects of the January 2014 Tendring Council Local Plan Review.

b) Photographs
Take and send photographs of valued views, see my blog post of 6th March 2014.

c) Footpaths/Walking Trails
Investigate the existence of walking trails and public footpaths in the proposed 'Colchester Fringe' area. Might these be impaired by the proposed developments?

d) University of Essex
Contact the university: find an appropriate contact and discuss their views on the proposals.

e) Ancient Woodland
Investigate the age of the wooded areas, to determine whether any would count as ancient woodland.

f) Local Colchester Politicians
Liase with, and encourage these politicians to analyse the Tendring Council proposals, and to organise residents' objections to Tendring and Colchester Councils.

g) Archaeology
Maybe discuss with local history societies, although this might be done later by the councils at the planning stage.

h) Neighbourhood Plan
Investigate the possibility of a neighbourhood plan for St. Anne's, St. Andrew's, St. John's areas - and maybe for the new 'Colchester Fringe' area.
It is not clear, though, that this will help with objections to the proposed 'Colchester Fringe' developments - investigation needed!

I have had a few telephone conversations with Joe, and some of the above came from these. Joe might assist with co-ordinating effort on the above.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Colchester East Action Group (CHEAG)