Saturday, 18 July 2015

Comments on Summer 2015 'Focus on Longridge' Newsletter from the St. Anne's Lib Dems

I received this newsletter on 14 June 2015.

Here are my comments on the section 'Preserving the Salary Brook Valley' in the newsletter.

I am disappointed with what is being done by the St. Anne's Lib Dems, as reported in the newsletter, because they seem to have missed three important things:

- There was no mention of the crucially important Colchester Council public consultation which was run in January 2015 and covered development plans in these areas, the results of which were released at a Colchester Local Plan Committe meeting on 8 June 2015. See my previous blog post. This consultation received over 600 responses from residents around Colchester, but the St. Anne's Lib Dems barely publicised it - hence only a small fraction of the responses were from our area. Also, the St Annes Lib Dems have not published any analysis of the consultation responses with regard to our area, hence I had to do what I could, see my previous blog post!

- The St. Annes' Lib Dems are not publicising the meetings of the Colchester Council Local Plan Committee, where the new development proposals are discussed. I think they should, and they should provide a summary of discussions that occurred which are relevant to our area.

- I think the St Anne's Lib Dems should have contacted Colchester's new MP regarding the possible development to the East of Colchester. According to an article in the Daily Gazette, they have spoken to him about security concerns at a local community centre, but I've seen nothing about the possible enormous development to the East of Colchester!

Frankly, if there is room in the newsletter to talk about a new salt bin (on page 2), there would have been room for the above, if there was any news, so we have to assume there hasn't been.

Let's hope the St. Anne's Lib Dems buck their ideas up so that I can spend time on other things, rather than analysing these issues!

Colchester East Action Group (CHEAG)

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