Thursday, 8 June 2017

Colchester Local Plan Meeting - 12 June 2017

The next Colchester Local Plan meeting is on 12th June 2017. (Check here before you travel, in case there are any changes to the meeting details.)

The new draft Local Plan has been published and will be discussed, see the agenda.

Some notes from a look at the documents:

1) There are 3 small/medium areas of new housing allocated to the North of Clingoe Hill/A133. These can be seen by zooming-in to the 'Colchester Borough' map which is linked from the agenda.

2) In the 'Local Plan Submission Part 1' document, I found this:
Policy SP8 - Tendring/Colchester Borders Garden Community
The adopted policies map identifies the broad location for the development of a new garden community of which the details and final number of homes will be set out in a Strategic Growth Development Plan Document to be prepared jointly between Colchester BC and Tendring DC and which will incorporate around 2,500 dwellings within the Plan period (as part of an overall total of between 7,000-9,000 homes) and provision for Gypsy and Travellers. 
The Strategic Growth DPD will set out the nature, form and boundary of the new community. The document will be produced in consultation with stakeholders and will include a concept plan showing the disposition and quantity of future land-uses, and give a three dimensional indication of the urban design and landscape parameters which will be incorporated into any future planning applications; together with a phasing and implementation strategy which sets out how the rate of development will be linked to the provision of the necessary social,physical and environmental infrastructure to ensure that the respective phases of the development do not come forward until the necessary infrastructure has been secured. The DPD will provide the framework for the subsequent development of more detailed masterplans and other design and planning guidance for the Tendring / Colchester Borders Garden Community.
If you find anything else of interest, let me know!

Colchester East Action Group (CHEAG)

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