Wednesday, 27 December 2017

'Salary Brook' and other Terms

A few points on wording:

Salary Brook Nature Reserve

The ‘Salary Brook Nature Reserve’ only covers a narrow strip of land, see the map from here:

So we need to argue for an extension of the Salary Brook Nature Reserve to create a green buffer/country park, not just its protection, see below.

Salary Brook

‘Salary Brook’, taken literally, is only the brook itself. This is the interpretation of Gladman Developments in their submission to upcoming Local Plan hearings.

Salary Brook Valley

‘Valley’ is ‘low area between hills’ so is only the green space at the bottom of the area CHEAG is aiming to protect.

Proposed Wording

“Any new development to the East of Colchester should be over the brow of the hill and out-of-sight of existing residents of Greenstead and Longridge Park. There should be a 1.5km green, undeveloped buffer between current housing and any new development. This idea is supported by the Greenstead Ward councillors.”

Colchester East Action Group (CHEAG)

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